NTK Nike England Strip


Director: Jullian Gibbs

Director of Photography: Joe Dyer

Nike Art Director: Nick Parkinson

Commercial for Nike England Strip

The film echoes the look established by Intro for Nike for their previous laser tech films for their other pinnacle teams [Brazil, France, Holland, Portugal and Poland]. It has a slightly more bespoke feel following the powerful photographic campaign featuring the mighty Jack Wilshire and speedster Theo Walcott and a few other non-Arsenal lads who play for England as well.

The film’s release coincided beautifully with a captivating friendly 2 – 2 draw against Brazil in Rio – a tremendous first outing for this great looking kit featuring a stunning goal from Arsenal’s Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The film was shot in Intro's inhouse studio, and all post-production handled by the Intro team.