Joe Dyer teams up with son James Dyer and makes it a family affair.

Armed with Joe's lighting expertise and James's ideas they both called in all their favours to bring together an excellent team and went deep into Epping Forest to shoot a short film based on the environment and the impact of pollution.

The whole job was self funded and had a shoe string budget and therefore has taken time to finish. But its done now and will be on the Red i site in the next few months.

Writer & Director:

James Dyer

Director of Photography:

Joe Dyer


Amber Doyle & Conan Belletty

Producer: Liz Kessler

Editor: Ed Cheesman

Colourist: Marty McMullan

Composer & Sound Design: Teitur Arnason

Art Designer:

Anna Sheldrake

Make Up Designer:

Candy Alderson

Costume Designer :

Emma Savil